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Please note our cancellation and no-show fees

If you do not honor your reservation without cancellation (no-show), cancel only within 24 hours before reservation time or reduce the number of people, we reserve the right to charge you a fee of 50 euros per person .

All our dishes are freshly prepared every day and the team is divided and positioned according to the reservation situation. Due to short-term cancellations, reduction of the number of persons or no-shows, we therefore incur a considerable financial loss. We ask for your understanding that we can therefore only make reservations at Bidlabu on the basis of these cancellation conditions.

Of course you can transfer your reservation to friends or acquaintances and we also try to reach guests from our waiting list in case of a cancellation at short notice. However, if the seats remain empty despite all our efforts, we will charge the aforementioned fee of 50 euros per person .

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Team-Bidlabu